About William and Computer Guy Phoenix. william@computerguyphoenix.com

Computer Guy Phoenix has no employees right now.

William is a one man band, but not a one trick pony.

This is a Christian based website.

We only help those who want help.

A real Christian isn't going to force Christianity on you.

We don't do that.

Maybe you were afraid we would.

If your interested in true Christianity and serving Lord Jesus, we would love to hear about it and take the appropriate measures.

10% of profits made by this simple service go to the Christian Ministry served to the poor and homeless provided by Tempe Vineyard Church.

Computer Guy Phoenix

Veteran Owned Service


Website Design in Mesa

Social Media Advertising in Mesa

and surrounding cities and 10% of profits go to our Church

This is a home based service located in Mesa, Arizona that is run by a disabled veteran. We prefer to design websites and social media campaigns here because of our Fiber Optic Network.

Because of our Upload and Download Speeds our Website Design Service and our Social Media Promotions hardly ever lose connection.

That means:

1. Better chances of extra income for our Social Media Promotion Clients.

2. Website Building Completion in a timely manner.

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